Cooking Ranges

Cooking Ranges

Cooking ranges were not very common if we go some years back. But now it is found in every house and is serving both oven and stove purposes.

Before cooking ranges came, we had a stove for cooking purposes and oven for baking purposes. They also took a lot of space in the kitchen. But with the advent of the cooking range, we have got two things in one and it also solves the space problem.

In the cooking range, we have a stove on the top part and oven in the lower part. We can do all the cooking work on the stove. All the baking and roasting work in the is affordable in space and pricing too.

 Major problems you might face while using cooking range are as follows:

  1. Burner is not working

Mostly we have cooking ranges that use a gas stove. So sometimes the burner does not light up, then you don’t need to panic.

Just remove the burner grate and burner cap. Remove all the dirt and debris properly. Your problem is all solved.

If this is not solved even after cleaning the burner, check the gas supply.

  1. Oven is not heating up

We also see that the oven is not heating up and you have to bake food for the guest. Don’t worry.

First, check if your stove is working properly or not. If it is working properly, then you might have an issue in the thermostat or gas controller.

You just need to change it and the problem is all solved.

  1. Oven door is not closing properly

This issue is faced mostly and it is due to not properly cleaning your cooking range.

Just try to open it as wide as you can and clean it thoroughly by removing all the dirt and debris.

Oil the door if it creating noise and is not smooth. You are all set now to use it.

  1. Oven is not heating to the required temperature

You were going to bake and you set the right temperature. But when you check after the set time, food is not baked. It might be due to a problem in the heat sensor.

First, make sure the sensor is not touching the wall of the oven.

Then use the ohmmeter to check whether the thermostat is working or not.

If your thermostat is not working, replace it.

After this check the heating element, if it also not working the way it should replace it also.

Now try to set the temperature and check the working.

  1. Interior light is not working

If the interior light of the oven is not working whenever you open its door, check the lights properly.

May be light is not working because it is fused. Replace the old bulb with a new one.

  1. Gas burner is heating very slowly

If your gas burner is not heating quickly, it can become a major problem while cooking. It also causes irritation.

This problem can be due to dirt and debris in the burner. Make sure to clean it properly and thoroughly daily or 4 times a week for its proper working.