Deep Freezer

Deep Freezer

The deep freezer does the same thing the regular refrigerator does. It means they are also used to store and preserve eatables.  But it is different than a refrigerator. It can keep the eatables fresh for a long time than the refrigerator does.

  It retains the texture, quality, and freshness of the food for a longer period of time. it also provides more cooling than the freezer of the refrigerator does. That is why it slows the bacterial activity more than the simple freezer.

A deep freezer can be used for both home and industrial purposes.

Most of the problems that are faced during its working are not that big and complex. So they can easily be fixed.

Here are some of the problems that you might face during its working.

  1. cooling is not enough

You see that deep freezer is not producing enough cooling as much it should. This is really a problem. But that is not a problem.

You just need to see of few things are cleaned or not.

First, check whether the condenser is properly cleaned or not. then check the evaporator fan motor. The other problem could be the thermostat is failing to do its work.

Try checking all these things and clean the condenser and motor. If there is a problem in thermostat, then replace it with a new one.

  1. Freezer is making noises

If noises are coming out of your refrigerator, then you need to check a few things. But make sure these noises are not the ones that it produces on a regular basis.

Check for the evaporating fan first. Maybe your evaporating fan is having too much dirt and debris or maybe any other issue. Its main solution is to replace the evaporating fan and your problem is all solved.

  1. Water leakage

Are u seeing a pool of water nearby your deep freezer? If yes, then don’t avoid it. It can cause potential damage.

Water leakage can be due to blockage in the defrost drain. when there is dirt or ice there in drain host, then water began to leak out from there. Make sure to clean it from all the dirt and debris that are present there.

  1. Too much front in a deep freezer

 A deep freezer is mostly used because it produces more cooling than the freezer of a refrigerator. But what if it produces more frost than needed. That is definitely a problem. Because due to this we can also face difficulty in opening and closing of deep freezer.

To tackle this problem, you just need to replace the defrost heater with a new one and you are all good to use the deep freezer.

  1. Deep freezer is not running

If your deep freezer is not running even after checking all the connections. Then you might need to check the electronic control of the deep freezer.

You have two options to follow.

First, you need to properly check all the working of the deep freezer and need to change all the electronic control. Second, you can call for an expert technician and get his help.