A garbage disposal is an electronic device that is used to shred waste food into small pieces that won’t block pipes. It is usually installed under a kitchen sink between the drain and the trap. It is also known as a garburator.

Basically it is a very useful device in our daily life. It also helps to clean and save our environment by using this machine. It is a great way to dispose of food waste. It is a big help in the kitchen. These disposals are used worldwide. They are very useful and durable.

Most of the time, you ran into some problems due to neglect and overestimation of its abilities. Sometimes your disposal is no longer working due to the following obstacles as mentioned below:

Obstacles during the usage of Disposal:

  1. Disposal Unit will not turn on:

If the machine will not turn on you do not hear the humming sound of the motor after flipping the switch. It indicates that there is a problem regarding electricity. That may the appliance prevent from getting current.

Make sure that the appliance is plugged in, the breaker is on, or the appliance reset button hasn’t been pressed. Turn the power back the disposal to see it that it works.

If the disposal still does not work and the motor makes no noise, then you may need to replace or repair the unit.

  1. Jammed Disposal Machine:

If your garbage disposal won’t turn on but the motor generates the humming sound then it indicates that the inner flywheel is jammed. You may have something that jamming the blades. Simply turn off the unit, and free the blades from blockage.

Following are the reasons through which the inner flywheel is jammed as mentioned below:

  • Oily/Greasy Food Items
  • Starchy Vegetables
  • Nonfood Items
  • Large amount of particles
  • Large bones
  1. Leakage of Disposal:

Your garbage disposal may sometimes leak. Disposal leakage means that the O-ring needs replacing or few parts need tightening. It all matters where the leak is coming from. If the leak is from the sink, you may need a costly and complicated leak repair.

Leakage from the sink is one of the common problems. Some of the disposal leakage problems are:

  • Sink Flange Leakage
  • Dishwasher Connection Leakage
  • Drainpipe Leakage

 These are the problems that are more complicated or severe then don’t take the risk of damaging it. Turn the unit off and wait for the professional repair.

  1. Slow Drainage of Food:

Garbage disposal is the quickest and effective process to grind up food and drain it in just a few seconds. During the drain of food items, if the machine is not working well or taking time then your blades are extremely dull.

Slow drainage is one of the common issues in this machine. Due Oily/Greasy Food Items, the blades could extremely dull, or you could have a clog down the pipeline.

For this issue, you have to call a plumber to sharpen or replace the blades or clean the clog further down the pipe.

  1. Metal Noises from the Machine:

If you hear metal noises from your unit, it’s either because there something lodged or the parts moved incorrectly. If you think that there is nothing stuck in the unit and the noise continues, then you should call a plumbing repair for disposal tune-up.

If there is still a problem in the parts, then it’s better to replace it entirely.

  1. Bad Odors from the Disposal Unit:

Due to the continuous shredding of food waste, sometimes your garbage stinks badly. There are many ways to freshen up your garbage disposal. One of the best methods is to some lemon wedges and ice in your disposal unit and washing it with cold water for 30 seconds.

But if your unit still produces bad odors then it might be coming from the drain line. The only way of solving your smelly dispose of is to clean the entire unit. It is one of the major problems. Due to the foul odors from your disposal, it affects the whole environment.