Dryers are yet another luxurious household item that we commonly have in our home. It is either attached to the washing machine or is available as a stand-alone machine. Since its invention, it has greatly assisted us in our laundry and is continue doing so.it surely has provided relief to household women. They no longer stress over wet clothes, especially in winter. They are easily taken care of by the dryer.

Now a day dryers come in different sizes with different designs having the latest functionalities. Engineers continue to add different functionalities in it.

Sometimes while using it, we face different problems that are usually minor. These problems can easily be taken care of if you do little work.

Some of the problems that you can encounter are as follows

Spinner does not spin

              Sometimes you hear the motor running but spinner does not spin. This problem occurs due to wear off a belt. You just need to replace the old belt with the new and your dryer is all set to work for you.

Another reason for its not working is a bad roller. There is roller underneath tumbler. It is worn out. You can replace it with a new one to get rid of the problem.

Not enough airflow or heat

     You see that your dryer is spinning but it does not produce enough heat to dry clothes. As a result, you get wet clothes. The reason for this problem lies in the blown thermal fuse. This problem is easy to solve. Replace it with a new one and your problem is all solved.

If there is no problem with fuse, then there must be something wrong with the temperature switch. You can replace it with a new one to have your problem solved.

The dryer is getting too hot

    If you notice that your dryer is getting too hot, then it is definitely worth worrying. Because due to this, the dryer may explode. Make sure to let it cool first if you notice too much heat coming.

Now it is time to explore for the cause of this heat. This heat may be due to clogged vent or fault in heating coils.

In case of a clogged vent, you just need to clean it thoroughly. And if the problem is due to fault in the heating coil then you need to test it first with a voltmeter. If the voltmeter shows 0 reading, then the heating coil needs replacement.

The dryer is not running

 There are many reasons if your dryer does not start running.

First, make sure the power supply is on and is reaching up to dryer. If it does not work even after, then check for the dryer switch whether it is working or not. If the problem is due to switch, then replace it.

If even after this, the problem persists, then you need to check for bed thermostat or bad terminal block. You can check for the working of the terminal block by using a millimeter. If you feel uncomfortable or hesitant to do it yourself, then call for the expert technician and get it checked.