Refrigerators are one of the most useable appliances in our homes and in our workplaces because it prevents your food and other eatables from spoiling. The main reason of using a refrigerator is to keep items cool. Because Cool temperature makes fruits and vegetables fresh for a long time. Moreover, it fulfils your need for ice that you can use to chill your water and drinks.

From storing your eatable in the cool temperature to the preservation of frozen items, Refrigerators are the essentials components of every living place.

But, like other home appliances, they also need proper maintenance to work properly. There are many issues that can occur in your Refrigerators of all kinds.

Some of these problems and their symptoms are described below:

Water leakage:

What if you see a minor or major water leakage in the area you have installed refrigerators. This not just a problem for those who are walking in that area but also it’s a tricky issue to solve.

One of the most common causes of water leaking from it is a blockage of the de-frost drain. De-frost drain in most of the refrigerators is located on the back wall of it.

It is built by the manufacturers to prevent water leaking. Due to its blockage, water starts leaking from the fridge and freezer.

Less Cooling

It’s the second issue faced by many of the peoples that their refrigerators are not cool enough or they are not creating the required temperature.  Do you have such issue? If you counter such an issue, check the wall of the freezer is cold or not. If you feel it is cold since the voice of evaporator fan are running or the air is coming from the vents. If all these things are okay, you should give a check to your refrigerator’s compressor.

Fresh Food area is warming up

Firstly, we have to understand the connection between the fridge area and the freezer area. Cold air is generated by the freezer section and then it is transferred to the fridge section and fresh food sections. So, if you are having such an issue, then it must be an issue in Airflow to the lower sections.

Refrigerators have an evaporator fan that is responsible for flowing cold air in the fridge section.

So there must be an issue in that Evaporating fan or the duct through which the Cold airflow properly.

Freezer floor sheet filled with ice:

If you feel there is more than a normal amount of ice on the freezer floor, check if there is water dripping from some other walls of the freezer or from the roof.

It’s Simple, Store your things somewhere else for some time and unplug fridge.

 Let the ice meltdown properly, then clean it with a paper or a piece of cloth. Over ice in the frozen section is easily be solved by this method. Or you can even remove it by some plastic strip.

Water dispenser not working

Sometimes water dispenser stops working, there are some possible issues that can cause such a problem.

The most common problem in such situations is that the water tube of water dispensers in frozen.

To check it, disconnect the water tube from the door and put some water in it to check its blockage. Remove blockage, and try to clear it after a period of time so that it could not happen again.

If you feel other issues or you are unable to solve it at home, just contact us and we will bring all possible solutions at your doorstep. MS Appliance Repair is the best repair provider for your appliances.