Washing Machine

Washing Machine

Dishwashers are used to reduce the kitchen load as they are responsible for cleaning the dishes and all kitchens crockery. Whether there is a great party at home or you have to wash dishes in a normal routine, Dishwashers are necessary elements. A good dishwasher plays the role of bass player in the band.  

A good dishwasher must be organized and knows how to prioritize what is more important to be washed. We can also say that they are the hero of the kitchen.

If your dishwasher is not working properly, there are must be some issues with it that need to be solved.

What are some issues that can make your dishwasher stop working?

Not starting

First is that the dishwasher is not getting a start. In this case, a dishwasher will is unable to perform its job. Whenever you try to start your dishwasher or hear a droning sound it means the motor of the dishwasher may be sticking or not working properly.  But if you don’t hear any such sound, then there must be another issue that is responsible for that. So of these issues are burnt wiring or switch failure.

Not cleaning Dishes

The other common problem is your dishes are not getting cleaned and not getting dried. Sometimes these problems depends upon how are we using our dishwasher.

Such as overloading the dishwasher are not removing the scrape food over the plates before placing them in it. If you are not making such mistakes mentioned above, then there must be a technical issue like the float switch or spray arm are not working.

Not filling up

If the dishwashers are not filling up with the water then there must be an issue in its floating line. Or sometimes a float switch is responsible for this. Float Switch ensure that the door is closed and it gives the signal to fill the tank, but due to some malfunction, it is not doing its job.

Overfilling Water

Overfilling of water in the dishwasher can cause a heavy mess for you.

If your dishwasher is overfilling water and not stopping, the float switch is not working in this case too. As it is responsible for stopping the water supply after filling the tank. It is also considered as a Switch malfunction.